About Us

There is a realm that exists beyond the Living. Our known laws of energy and matter do not apply to this realm. However, it is possible to create a link between the worlds through sound vibrations and mind waves. The Zero Men practice the art of Realm Fusion through the use of music, which touches not only our physical domain, but also connects to the vast unknown which shifts and flows in a perpetual conflict of positive and negative. Good and Evil, if you will. James Masters, Steve Radel and Johnny Iverson were swept by one of these space and time flows to an area known as "Phase Point One" to begin their special task of illuminating the path between the known and the secret distant. As you listen to the sounds they create, let yourself become liquid and electric, feel the connection to the amazing unknown that lies somewhere in the fluid forever, and also in the center of your spirit. The Zero Men. Brave pioneers on a sonic journey to bind the physical world to the great beyond.

The Zero Men are re-locating to Portland, Oregon where sessions for the album "Cage of Masks" will begin Monday April 8th at the top of the line Portland Underground Recording. We will be making Portland our home base of operations as we have already been informed of and approached with a number of really cool music related opportunities up and down the west coast based off our last album "You".

Our material for "Cage of Masks" is even better, in my opinion, and there are many venues and events we are being informed about so we're going to market, promote, play everywhere possible and push this thing as far as we can. Our apololgies on the live album being "held up" legally...(a few of you know what I mean)...and until that mgmt/percentages/who's first issue is resolved, it will have to wait...

My personal thanks to Lady Birdeye for showing me how to live like a complete human being who can have undeserved, childish shit dumped on them for no fault of their own, and be able to stand strong, brush past it, and keep on being a kick-ass individual. Your influence on me has been profound, and I have learned. The things I am able to be confident in doing now are a direct result of your influence and example, and whether you ever see this, know this or like this, what I've said remains true and I will always be thankful you were part of my journey. May all of life's blessings deservedly come your way... :)

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